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One Oatmeal Topping is all you need

Warm oatmeal is a great way to greet autumn. Oatmeal is a great breakfast option as it will help you live longer, lessen inflammation and keep you full for hours. If you don’t add toppings, oatmeal will be boring and bland. There are a myriad of options of healthy  recepti cokoladna torta toppings available, but we wanted to find out what the most effective option doesn’t leave you feeling uncomfortable or flatten your stomach all day. The answer to autumn is pumpkin!

“Pumpkin is a good source of fiber making it a great addition to your oatmeal bowl any time of year not only for more staying power but also for optimal digestion,” says Maggie Michalczyk, RDN, founder of, and author of The Great Big Pumpkin Cookbook.

A quick science lesson. While too much fibers can leave you feeling upset and bloated Regular intake of fiber can assist in helping your body to digest food correctly and keep your stomach flat in the long haul. Mayo Clinic says fiber promotes digestion health, colon health constipation and lowers the risk of developing chronic illness.

Fiber can be added to carbohydrates to flush the toxins out. Consuming more foods that are high in fiber can result in a reduction in blood sugar.

Research published in Obesity confirms that a healthy living along with regular intake of fiber may reduce belly fat. Fiber is a healthy thing to eat every day to lose weight.

Pumpkin fiber is a great aid to digestion and help reduce belly constipation. It can aid your body in other ways, like building your immune system.

Michalczyk claims that “in addition to the fiber in pumpkin, it] also provides more vitamin A, E, and C to your food.”

Vitamin A is derived from beta-carotene. This is a plant pigment which gives pumpkin its vibrant orange hue. Vitamin A is crucial for your eyes, but studies have also shown how this vitamin may boost your immune system.

Beta-carotene can also be described as an antioxidant. It is crucial for fighting inflammation as well as fighting free radicals that can increase the risk of developing diseases.

Pumpkin is a great alternative to oatmeal due to all the health benefits it offers and the ability to flatten the stomach.

Michalczyk recommends adding a few additional toppings to pumpkin to improve the health of your digestive system.

Michalczyk states, “Add some honey to make it even more healthy.” Honey could be a prebiotic.” Prebiotics are an excellent source of bacteria. A balanced diet and the right amount of probiotics are vital factors that can impact the health of your gut.

You can also include pepita seeds in pumpkin oatmeal for magnesium (helps the muscle function), walnuts to increase the health of your brain, and almonds for vitamin E (for health and immunity).